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4 Reasons Why Flowers Have a Place at Every Occasion

Published on: Sep 25

Flowers by their very nature present themselves with many attractive features. The size, shape, colour and...

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What Do Wine and Flowers Have in Common

Published on: Aug 25

Flowers and wine have a lot more in common than one might first think. It’s an interesting observation that tells us a lot about how our gift-giving habits have evolved over time and how we judge the formality of an event.

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5 Flower Traditions You Don’t Know, From Around The World

Published on: Aug 06

If you were born and raised in the UK, you’ll associate different occasions and events with one or even several specific flowers. How are things different further afield?

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Favourite flowers for Mothers Day

Published on: Mar 03

What are the best flowers to send on Mothering Sunday?

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Choosing the perfect Valentine Flowers

Published on: Feb 06

We give some helpful guidance on picking the perfect Valentine bouquet

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